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Howdy Howdy, its me, that one guy that kinda ran this place while it was on its last legs, but I'm not hear to talk about how things kinda spiraled into decay, but rather just looking back at this group and what it meant, what it kinda stood for and just what it could have been and such.

Not gonna lie, there been times when I've always thought of coming back and trying to reignite the flames that once burned here with a great passion, but its something which I knew would take a like of time and effort and wouldn't be possible with a one man crew. Other ideas were possibly taking the idea that was here and using it to spark another group with a similar vibe, but again these were just ideas and such.

Anyway, just wanted to kinda get that off my chest, I'm not sure if anyone still looks out for updates from this dusty ass notice board as it were, but hey, if you're out there, this is just me saying Hi.
Okay, so before, the elephant was just chilling in the room, peacefully eating the peanuts out of our bowl and we didn't pay much attention to it.. well now it's knocking stuff over, tracking mud on the floor and is making rather noxious clouds of gas in the room so we're gonna have to talk about it!

What am I on about? why its quite obvious, groups dead people.. it was a fun run yeah sure but the submissions slowed more and more to a crawl and now there's pretty much none. The group page can stay up but I'm not gonna be entertaining this place anymore... I've kinda outgrown it, not to say its a child's endeavour but I always felt that this place was a starting point for many a young artist to help them create and get involved in a community. But now that community's gone (or dead... which would explain the corpses, but then again we have a rampaging elephant so that could be the cause) and its time for y'all to do the same... yeh.

Analogies aside, it was fun guys but I honestly have lost interest in this little place... Looking to broader horizons and stuff, in fact I was thinking of launching another group dedicated to like character creation, world conceptualising and just basically a group where you create ideas based off of stuff you know? but thats still in the early stages, I obviously can't run it alone and I'm looking for helping hands, wanna tag along? Send me a note, lets talk business and waffles.

Final word: It's been fun guys, I enjoyed this little ride but I gotta get of the coaster now cause its getting dark and I can hear the wolves.. IF you feel like you can revive whatever life remains here, I'll gladly hand the reigns to you, so ask me if ya wanna.

Believes in the you that believes in him...
Lord KLAW, signing out...

P.S. I'm not sure about :iconmarios-tri4ce:'s stand on this
Guess who has to tell an epic about tracking a pirate lady? You guys!

So Hop To It!

Heeeey Mercs, right so the path for mission 38 has been voted by you and thats to track down Melloskull!
I'm working on a title card for the mission along with its briefing and all that, but if ya wanna get started early, you know what storyline we're following! Also like I mentioned before, if you wanna do any of the other two paths that's fine, it'll be your headcanon, while the other canon goes on elsewhere.

So yeah, expect a title card and mission brief soon, lets get back to it!
Hey there Mercs, okay so I'd like to keep the Merc saga moving forward and stuff, but it appears there's a bit of a tie in the decision for the paths and I'm not seeing any new submissions lately, so I'm just gonna put it to a vote. Choose your options in this here poll and I'll tally them up in 3 days time and issue the next mission.

If you wanna submit your piece thats fine as well, but you only got 3 days so hop to it really fast like!


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